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Increase practice profitability by building more effective client relationships and improving delivery efficiency.

Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., C.M.C., advises law firms and their leaders on practice management, business development and financial matters. He is a nationally-recognized practical guide to profit. His advice has benefited national, regional and local law firms.

Ed is unique in that he has practiced law for 25 years, was the CEO and COO of several manufacturing businesses and has been a consultant to small and large law firms for 15 years.

Thousands of lawyers have turned Ed's ideas into a bigger income for themselves.

LawBiz® Clients Say:

"I look at Ed as my business partner now—my once a week essential business meeting to take the pulse of my practice. During our one-hour phone conversations, we hash out the larger and smaller business challenges of my law firm. I always come away from those conversations enlarged, challenged, and sometimes even quite shaken, but with the tools necessary to move forward down the path he and I are constantly redefining for me and my firm."
AL, Northern California

He's a nationally-renowned instructor for law firms, bar associations and universities. He has taught:

  • "Creating New Business Enterprises," in the Department of Entrepreneurship, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • "Business of Law Practice" for the USC Law Center for Advanced Professional Education
  • Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) formerly at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Ed has written several books and audiotapes on running a profitable law practice. He is the author of:

Your law firm can benefit from the advice of Edward Poll

Ed Poll is a nationally recognized practical guide to profit. Ed helps attorneys and law firms increase their profitability by:

  • Bringing in new business.
  • Attracting higher quality cases and clients.
  • Delivering legal services more effectively and efficiently.

Client Success Stories from

Training Instills "New Culture" for Corporate Law Department
"Our challenge was to develop guidelines that would address issues of concern to our management while not destroying relationships that our General Counsel had cultivated over the years. Once the guidelines were developed, Ed trained the department's Deputy Counsel in the art of budgeting and the sensitive task of implementing the approved guidelines. His command of the podium and his connection and interaction with the audience were outstanding. His skills enabled us to successfully implement a new culture into the organization without damaging our relationships with outside counsel. I highly commend his expertise and professionalism."
Linda Santos, Law Department Administrator
City of Torrance

"Sage Advice" in Coaching Leads Lawyer to More Profits
"Ed educated me on how to implement a plan for the management of my law offices, which I have set up in Santa Monica. With his help, I was able to conceive and put into effect a business plan which promises not only to simplify my business, but to make it more profitable as well. He readily pinpointed my needs and offered sage advice on what I could do to rectify the problems that I have been facing. For this, I am forever grateful and will highly recommend him to anyone who asks."
MG, Santa Monica, CA

A Business Plan Made All the Difference
"I requested that (my partners) allow me to take on the management of the firm and suggested the creation of a business plan.... (Our practice) is a successful practice, but in dire need of a direction -- and a business plan. They agreed to give me a shot and entertain a rough outline of my ideas. I was shocked when they agreed, but then horrified at the task before me. However, sitting on my shelf is "The Business of Law" that I purchased from you a few years ago. I began to read it and a whole new world has opened up for me. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for writing the book... I am excited about the opportunity I have and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you do for the field."
CD, Pleasanton, CA

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